How to Write Blog Description

How to Write Blog Description: 5 Expert Tips

Who doesn’t want to rank his website in number top 10 if you are also thinking about this, then you have to take care of some important point.

Yes, today we are going to talk about how we can make our blog description beautiful and attractive.

What things should be kept in mind while writing a description?

Almost every pro blogger said that it is necessary to write a good blog description to rank your website.

A beautiful and attractive blog description can get your website to be ranked.

I hope that after reading this blog, you will not need to read any other blog, I will try my best to complete this topic in full depth detail.

There are many blogs on Google that do not rank because their blog description is not written correctly.

If you are also doing this same, then you are making a big mistake.

What is blog description?

In simple language, Something (full details of the blog) written below our website URL is called blog description.

Basically Blog Descriptions are of two types

Post Description – Post description means the post we have written on any topic, what we are going to tell the people on that topic, and what we are going to cover and what kind of information they are going to get here. All these things are mention in that description.

Blog Description – Blog description means we provide information about our website niche, what services are we providing on this website, what is special in our website, these are the special things we write in blog description. You will find it under our website URL.

Trust me, what I am telling you is, if you have done it properly, then you can get your website ranked by on and only on-page SEO of your website. All also your website will get a little boost.

How to write blog post description?

Now I’m going to share my techniques & ideas which I use to write blog post description and I think you all relate very well.

Let’s start,

I will show you both methods first we will use Rank Math.

If you are using rank math, then the first thing you have to do is –

  • Go to the dashboard of WordPress
  • You will see rank math SEO score on the left-hand side, click on it.
Blog Description
  • After that click on Edit Snippet, after that, you will see an interface like this.
Blog Description

Now click on Description and fill all your detail with fresh & quality description in the box. And close it that’s all you have to do.

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Few important points to keep in mind while writing blog description.

  • Please tell about your website, which topic is your website about
  • You have to fill it according to your needs and use it in such a way that the user cannot stay without visiting your website.
  • Please tell about your expertise

Some Examples Of Blog Description.

Nerd Health

Blog Description


Blog Description


Blog Description


Blog Description


Blog Description

Hopefully, now you have got some idea that how you should write blog description.

Take a look at this example of a blog description by looking at it, you will get some idea and how to write.

You don’t need any description generator tool to write a blog description if you have followed all these things that I have told you so far.

Whether it is a homepage or a blog description, it is very easy to write, it is not something that can only be done by a pro blogger. With these techniques, new bloggers can also write it is important to pay attention to all these points from them.

How To Write Blog Description?

There are mainly two way.

  • By Using Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin
  • By Using Rank Math WordPress plugin

When I write the description for my homepage I try to give all information about my website like, on which topic my website is and what kind of knowledge we give to the people on our website, and how I help bloggers. All this information I mentioned it in the description.

By Rank Math Plugin

I will show you both the methods first we will use RankMath.

If you are using RankMath, then the first thing you have to do is –

  • Go to the Dashboard of WordPress and you will see RankMath on the left-hand sidebar.
  • Open Rank Math, and click on Title & Meta.
  • Then click on the Homepage.
  • Then select Homepage meta description and fill it according to your website niche and also fill your expertise in it.
  • You have to fill it according to your own niche and expertise and use it in such a way that the user cannot stay without visiting your website.
  • And finally, click on Save changes.
Blog Description

By Using Yoast Seo Plugin

Now we will use Yoast Seo Plugin to write blog description follow me.

  • First, go to the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to the “Yoast SEO” plugin Setting.
  • Then click on Title & Meta.
  • Now click on Homepage and then go to the meta description template and fill it as your wish.
Blog Description

Thanks Blogginglift for this image credit goes to you bro.

Tips:- You should always pay attention to your blog (Homepage) description and blog post description that it looks attractive because it means a lot for you and your blog. Always try to make your description meaningful and attractive with powerful words.

Tips For Impressive Blog Post Description

We should write both our blog description and blog post description so well that people like to come to your website, if you don’t do this then you are losing your traffic.

That’s why I have given you some tips that you must use in your description.

Use Your Focus Keywords – You must add keywords in your description box, this will help you in On-Page SEO. By doing this google crawler will also know on which topic your post is.

Write the description within 160 characters – In Blog description or Homepage description, you should use only 160 characters, if you write more than this, your SEO score will decrease, it means you lose your On-Page SEO little much.

Call to Action You must definitely add CTA in your description, the benefit of this CTA is you know whether the user is taking interest in your blog or not. This will reduce the bounce rate of the website and engage your audience more and more.

Use LSI keyword – Add LSI keyword in your blog description, it has many advantages, it helps your article or blog to rank on many other keywords. And the second benefit is, your organic reach and traffic will also increase.

Keyword Stuffing – Don’t use your keyword much time everywhere only use it naturally where is going to be suitable otherwise google will penalize your blog or site.

How to optimize Keyword in Blog Post Description?

You should use the keyword in the blog description so that the google crawler knows that what is the niche of your website and topic of your post.

Use the main keyword in description with LSI keyword, this will start to rank your keyword on a lot of other keywords.

How To Add Blog Description On Blogger?

Adding blog description and homepage description in Blogger is not as easy as it is WordPress but it’s not that much difficult also.

In Blogger you can’t use any plugin, you will get the option in some settings, from which you can change it.

Let’s start and go to the Blogger Dashboard

  • You have to go to the Settings. Then you will see the option of your search preferences, open it.
  • Then Enable Search Description
  • And then fill your description as your wish and remember the point that I have given above before filling this box.
  • Finally, click Save Changes.
Blog Description

Hopefully you must have understood how to add meta description in Blogger.

FAQ Related To Blog Description.

What is Blog Description?

Blog description means we provide information about our website niche, what services are we providing on this website, what is special in our website.

What is Blog Post Description?

Blog Post Description means we provide information about our website niche, what services are we providing on this website.

What should be the length of meta description?

Try to write the description in 160 characters otherwise, it will not appear in the SERP if you write more than that.


So this was today’s blog in which I covered how to write blog description, if you liked this blog, then share it, and please give your feedback in the comment box. I hope, after reading this blog, you can write the description by yourself.

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How to Write Blog Description: 5 Expert Tips
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