Bluehost India v/s Bluehost.Com :Which One is Best in 2020

Bluehost India vs Bluehost.Com: Which One is Best in 2020

Today we will know whether we should buy Web Hosting of Bluehost India or Bluehost Com. Which one is better from these two companies. Bluehost India is the latest edition from EIG Group, specially made for the Indian Blogger and Businessman.

We will talk on few point that is too important.

  • Which Hosting is good Bluehost India or Bluehost US?
  • Should we buy Bluehost India Hosting?
  • What are its advantages and disadvantages?

You will get answers to all these questions, whether you can do it for blogging or business purpose or not.

Why Bluehost India hosting is not good?

First let’s talk about the quality of Bluehost India.

You must know that EIG had acquired Bluehost in 2010, ever since Bluehost has gone into the hands of EIG Group, its service has been down, whether it is speed or customer care service.

EIG Group provides service of every small hosting company under its own umbrella. That is why the quality of those hosting companies starts getting disturbed. EIG Group helps these small companies build a little brand and infrastructure. So that people know about their hosting and buy it.

The drawback of the EIG group is that it does not pay attention to quality in the context of expanding its company.

Bluehost India vs Bluehost.Com: Which One is Best in 2020

Bluehost is a famous Web Hosting company and is also a well-known company, it also gives us shared hosting. It also provides us free SSL Certificate.

And its hosting is very easy to use even a beginner can also use it comfortably. EIG owns all the hosting such as Hostgator, AsmallOrange, ResellerClub and more. 

When Bluehost was launched?

Bluehost India was launched for business purposes. But it was his bad luck that it could not go for a long period and can’t beat Bluehost US.

If Bluehost India had acted like Bluehost US, it would not have been the condition of Bluehost India today. Reseller Club is a Mumbai Based company which uses freelancer to sell their service to start website or blog.

Bluehost India uses another platform to sell its domain and hosting such as Resellerclub. Reseller Club is a platform that gives space in hosting for smaller businesses.

EIG collaborated with Reseller Club in 2014 to move its business forward so that it can sell some more products and collaborating up with a brand to sell products is not a bad deal.

Bluehost India vs Bluehost.Com: Which One is Best in 2020

Bluehost U.S & Hostgator Both of them focus on their service and quality more than selling their product.

Bluehost India has also used these all techniques to sell its product and build a brand but, it failed due to its bad service quality.

Let see Plans of Bluehost India.

Bluehost India
Bluehost India Price

According to me if you want to buy a domain and hosting you should focus on quality, not on price.

Plans Of Bluehost India
Plans Of Bluehost India

My Opinion

Bluehost US is only good in terms of service and quality, less money does not matter. Just think if you have purchased a hosting just because its price is low what is the benefit of that hosting if it’s not working well and not performing fast performance.

Should you buy hosting from Bluehost India?

When Bluehost US is providing you Free SSL Certificate along with quality service. Then I think what else do you need better than this. If you are not happy with its SSL certificate then you can use Free Cloudflare SSL for your website speed.

The technical support of Bluehost is also good, by the way. I would like to say that if you want to know about Bluehost India Hosting by yourself. Then you can try and buy it for yourself. If you have any queries let me know in the comment section. Please let me know your opinion about this blog and don’t forget to give your opinion about Bluehost India.

If you like this blog Bluehost India vs Bluehost US then please share your opinion and tell which one is best for you. And also if there is any deficiency in this blog then tell me in comment box.

My Request 🙏

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Bluehost India vs Bluehost.Com: Which One is Best in 2020
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Bluehost India vs Bluehost.Com: Which One is Best in 2020

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