Family Receives $11 Million After US Woman’s Kratom-Related Death

Family Receives $11 Million After US Woman’s Kratom-Related Death. The family of a woman from Florida who died in 2021 after taking kratom has been given more than $11 million from a company that sells this herbal extract from Southeast Asia, which affects the brain like opioids.

The judge, Donald Middlebrooks, at the federal courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida, finalized the ruling on Thursday. He ordered Kratom Distro, the company selling the kratom, to pay damages to Krystal Talavera’s four surviving children and her estate.

Judge Middlebrooks acknowledged that no amount of money could ease the pain and suffering of Talavera’s children due to their mother’s death. However, he stated that the defendant must still pay something, even if it feels inadequate.

Talavera’s oldest son, Devin Filipelli, expressed hope that the compensation would raise awareness about the dangers of kratom. He said that while he appreciates the judge’s decision, the money cannot bring his mother back or numb his pain.

Kratom Distro’s owner, Sean Michael Harder, declined to comment on the judgment or whether he would try to reverse it. The judgment was a default one because the company did not defend itself during the legal proceedings.

In 2016, the US Drug Enforcement Agency imposed strict restrictions on kratom, but later withdrew the prohibition due to public backlash. Kratom is now available for sale in stores and online.

Despite this, the US Food and Drug Administration has warned about potential safety and addiction risks associated with kratom. They have called for more research to better understand the substance and its components.

Krystal Talavera’s family said she had considered kratom a safe and natural supplement. She had purchased it online from Kratom Distro and took some when her partner found her unconscious in their living room. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital, but she was pronounced dead.

The autopsy revealed that Talavera died from acute intoxication caused by mitragynine, a main component of kratom. At high concentrations, mitragynine acts like opioids and can lead to respiratory failure.

Talavera’s son, Filippelli, who had just graduated from high school, later sued Kratom Distro over his mother’s death. He explained in court that the grief of losing his mom derailed his plans for college.

The law firm representing Talavera’s family won an additional $2.5 million in a separate lawsuit against a kratom manufacturer in Washington state for another wrongful death case.

One of the attorneys for Talavera’s family, Tamara Williams, hopes this judgment will serve as a wakeup call to the kratom industry. Another colleague, Michael Cowgill, urged government officials to take action to prevent unnecessary kratom overdose deaths and protect other families from similar tragedies.


The tragic death of Krystal Talavera highlights the potential risks of using kratom. The court’s $11 million ruling emphasizes the need for awareness and caution. Manufacturers and authorities must prioritize safety to prevent further tragedies. Keywords: Kratom, kratom deaths, kratom deaths 2023, kratom death news, kratom wrongful death.

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