Google Rankings Dropped

You Must Do These 3 Things If Your Google Rankings Dropped.

You know what’s better than ranking high on Google? It’s keeping those top spots. Sadly, you’re gonna lose them.

Google rankings dropped is very common now a days because of Google Algorithm changes.

It’s not a question, if you’re gonna lose them, the real question is, when are you going to lose them?

Today I’m going to share some techniques with you what you have to do when your Google rankings dropped.

Everyone experiences this. I don’t care if you’re an SEO expert or what, your rankings are going to be drop. It’s just a question of when, and how much are they gonna drop by?

Figure out which pages are dropping?

So the first thing you need to do when your Google rankings dropped is to figure out which pages are dropping? You have to go into your Google Search Console and see which pages are climbing in rank and decreasing in rank. Google Search Console shows you the average position for each of your keywords and phrases.

They also show you the average position for any page that you’re trying to rank. If you see the graph going up, you’re doing well.

If the graph is flat or going down, especially if it’s going down, you may have to do some work. Look at the top sites that rank for those phrases. Look at their content. What’s different about their content versus your content?

Insert Right Keyword to Your Post.

Once you’ve figured out what’s different, chances are their content’s more through, contains better keywords, right?

And you can also look at the keywords through Google Search Console, ’cause it will show you all the keywords that are related to that page that’s already ranking. It’ll show what other keywords and phrases that you’re ranking for that you might not have had included within your web page.

In this step you have to go and read your page or post carefully. Include all the right keywords and phrases, make it better than the competitor site, make it more productive.

In other word we can say, you’re updating your post.

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Insert Keyword in Title, Meta Description of Your Post.

Take that page or post, make sure your title tag and your meta description also contains a keyword that you want to rank for, and then when you do that, you have to submit that URL to Google Search Console.

Once you submit it to Google Search Console, it’ll index the page, and then within a week to a month, your ranking should climbing back and you’ll start doing better It’s that simple.

Follow these steps, and you’ll continually rank high, even if your Google rankings drop every once in a while. It’s okay. The most important thing is to continue to update and adjust your pages so that way you can climb back into the rankings because Google doesn’t want to rank old, stale content. They want to rank the best of the best, so continually be on top of your game.

I hope it will help you to rank your post again so if you like this post please give your feedback in the comment box.

Note :-

According to Google algorithm, Google does not rank old articles so that’s why we should always update your blog, it will help your blog to rank.

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You Must Do These 3 Things If Your Google Rankings Dropped.
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