What is Google sellers.json File? How to fix this error?

[100% Error Fixed] Google Adsense sellers.json file notification.

Today we are going to talk about why this Google sellers.json file notification error is coming in our Google Adsense account and how we fix this error. As you all guys know that, this problem is coming to everyone in Google Adsense account.

If you are also facing this kind of error in Google Adsense account, then this post is for you. Read it carefully and just follow all the steps.

Google sellers.json File
Google sellers.json file notification

What is Google sellers.json file notification?

Sellers.json is an IAB Tech Lab standard (a mechanism) that increases transparency between ads seller and ads buyer. In the ads ecosystem, this seller.json file will help to decrease fraud.

This is a kind of mechanism designed by Google Adsense so that the buyer can find out that these organizations, who are doing digital advertising, are the owner of that Ads organisation or working as a mediator.

The Google sellers.json file notification proves that you are the real owner of the Ads seen on your website. I will provide you with two method to fix these error.

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How To Fix This error “Google seller.json file” from Adsense Account.

Just follow me i will guide you step by step.

  • Step:- 1 For this, you have to log in to your Google Adsense account first.
  • Step:- 2 After that, you have to go to your Account option.
  • Step:- 3 After going to the Account option, now you have to click on the Account Information.
  • Step:- 4 By clicking on it, you will see an interface where you will get to see your Publisher ID and other details.
  • Step:- 5 Below you will see Seller Information Visibility where you will get to see by default Confidential, you have to change it Transparent.
  • Step:- 6 Then you have to enter your Domain Name in the domain name box. Remember, when you are entering a domain name, you do not have to write https: // and www, just write the domain name and .com or .in, whatever your extension is.
  • Step:- 7 After doing this, your Settings will be saved automatically. And after a few hours, this error will fix by itself.
Google sellers.json File
Google sellers.json file notification

You can check out this video if you are facing any problem while fixing sellers.json file notification error.

How To Add “Google seller.json file” to your Website By Using Cpanel.

Now i will tell you how you can fix the Google Seller.json file error by pasting seller.json file in the file manager of your website.

Step:- 1 For this, you have to login in your Cpanel first.

Step:- 2 Now you have to open the file manager.

Google sellers.json file

Step:- 3 Now you have to go to “Public_HTML“.

Google sellers.json file

Step:- 4 And after that, you have to click on “File”, then an interface will open in front of you.

Step:- 5 In that, you have to type “sellers.json” and click in the “Create a new file”.

Google sellers.json file

Step:- 6 Now you have to select this file “sellers.json” and right-click and select “Edit”.

Google sellers.json file

Step:- 7 After clicking on edit, an interface will open in front of you, in which you have to type your details like below I have given you an example.

Google sellers.json file

“SellerId”: “pub-0000000000000000”,
“SellerType”: “PUBLISHER”,
“Name”: “Example Company Inc.”

Google sellers.json file

Pay Attention

  • Seller ID – for a pub, go to your Adsense account and click on Account, then click on Account Information, you will get your pub there.
  • Seller Type If you have an AdSense account and you get a payment through Google AdSense then type “PUBLISHER” in seller type, and if you are using someone else’s Adsense account, then you have to type “INTERMEDIARY”.
  • Name – You have to type the name by which you get the payment from Google Adsense.

After completing all this process you have saved your seller.json file to your website successfully.

And now if you want to check whether Google Seller.json file has been added in the website or not for that you type URL of your website in Google and then paste this /Seller.json and press Enter.

For example :- example.com/seller.json

As soon as you do this, your Google Seller .json file will be visible in front of you.


So friends, how much this blog helps you, if you have liked this blog, then please tell us in the comment box. And yes, share this blog with your friends so that they can also fix this Google sellers.json file notification error coming in their account.

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