How to Change Language in Adobe Reader

How to Change Language in Adobe Reader with These Few Steps?

How to change language in adobe reader: One of the biggest complaints about Adobe Reader (and its cousins, such as Acrobat) is that it only uses English by default, even if you’re working in another language. While this makes sense from Adobe’s perspective (there are more native English speakers in the world than any other language), it’s frustrating if you speak another language and want to work with documents in both languages at once. Luckily, you can change Adobe Reader’s language without having to reinstall the application! Here’s how to do it…

How to Change Language in Adobe Reader Easily.

Step 1: Go to your Acrobat Reader app

At your computer, go to Edit and select Preferences. The preferences window will open. In Windows, look for View Options under Preferences on a PC or Preference on a Mac; you’ll find all of Acrobat’s preferences here.

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Step 2: Change the Language Option

If you want to change from one language to another, you need to head into your preferences menu. You can do that by clicking on Edit and then Preferences when using a Mac or by choosing Options and then Preferences when working with Windows. From there, click on General Preferences. You should see a drop-down menu that lets you change between languages. Choose whichever language you’d like to use for reading. Note: if your document is already open, it will have to be saved again before it changes over. When finished, click OK.

Step 3: Restart Acrobat App

Go back to your home screen and restart your Acrobat app. The document should now be open in the language you want. To confirm, tap View from your toolbar at top of the screen, then go to Language > English (US) or whatever language you prefer for Acrobat.

If that doesn’t work, try changing your language setting on OS X system preferences. Head to System Preferences > General, click the Languages tab, choose Edit List…, select the Adobe PDF option and click Add button.

Now change the language there and it will automatically change in the Acrobat app as well. Hit Apply button on the bottom right corner of the window when done. Restarting Acrobat is easier than changing your operating system settings!

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Step 4: Remove Files from Fonts Folder (If Necessary)

Adobe Reader is the most popular and widely used application for reading PDF files. This application has a folder called “Fonts” in which we can store all the fonts that we have installed on our system. The font folder contains fonts with different sizes, weights, and styles.

We can easily view the font size, weight, and style of each font by going to File > Open Fonts Folder (Windows) or File > Open Fonts Folder (Mac).

We need to remove all the fonts from this folder so that they won’t be used anymore when we open any PDF file. In order to do this task, we need to use the “Adobe Reader Help” tool which is available in Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite on Mac OS X or Windows 10.


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