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How To Install Free SSL Certificate: Secrets Tips of 2020?

Today we will talk about Free SSL Certificate, most of you want to know that what is an SSL certificate and what is the benefit of putting a Free SSL Certificate on your WordPress website. I will explain in full detail and also tell you how you will get it for free.

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Free SSL Certificate WordPress full form is Secure Socket Layer. This is a technology where we establish an encrypted link between the server (website) and the client (browser). Providing a secure connection between the website and the browser.


In other words, it is a security protocol for the online transfer of data on the Internet. Two keys are used in SSL one of them is a public key that both sender and receiver know and another one is the private key that only the receiver knows.

Free SSL Certificate is mostly used to securely transmit credit card numbers debit card numbers, online transactions and other important documents.

Many websites use the SSL protocol due to which the website always starts with https: // rather than HTTP: // and according to many of website user https:// is safe compare to HTTP://

Lets Start How You Get Free SSL Certificate.

The first method to get a free SSL Certificate is to go to, enter your domain name there and click on Create Free SSL Certificate after that you will get free SSL.

By using it you can take advantage of it by putting in your hosting, but one of the major problems is that it expires within 30 to 60 days.

When it gets expire then you will have to repeat the whole process. But you also have an alternative method which we called CLOUDFLARE.

You can use Cloudflare SSL certificate, if you use Cloudflare you have no need to renew it again, Cloudflare will renew it itself. Now just follow me to know how you will get this free SSL Certificates of Cloudflare.

Follow These Steps to Get Free SSL Certificate

First of all you Signup in Cloudflare, here you have to enter email and password, and click on Create Account that’s all.


After this you have to type your website URL and click on Add Site.


And you will be redirected to the plan page. Choose your free plan and click on Confirm Plan after that you don’t have to pay any money for this plan for free SSL Certificate.


After that one tab will appear in front of you then you have to click on Confirm Plan. There you will see the hosting server name and right below the name server of Cloudflare will be visible there you have to copy the name server of Cloudflare.


Final Step

Now you have to go to your hoasting here you have to replace the name server which you have copied from Cloudflare. There you will see 2 or 4 Name Servers, you have to replace your Name Server.

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If you see 2 servers in your Name Server. The same is to be replaced as the rest is to be deleted and tick the green sign.


After ticking, you have to save it, it takes about 24 to 48 hours to update. Sometimes it get update in 2 hours only.
As soon as you change the name server after that you have to click Done.

After performing all these steps you have to go to the Cloudflare site and you have to change some settings in it.

You have to go to SSL/TLS and if you go down a bit you will get Always Use HTTPS turn it ON.



After a few hours check whether your SSL Certificate is turn on or not. As I told you that it takes 48 hours to update, you can check after 48 hours. So if you like these techniques to get a Free SSL Certificate. Then let me know in the comment section and if you like this blog then please share it with your friends.


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How To Install Free SSL Certificate: Secrets Tips of 2020?
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