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How To Promote RedBubble : These Techniques Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

We will discuss ways to sell your art online and also how to promote RedBubble Products these two things will be going to cover in today’s blog we will be discussing how to market and promote your RedBubble store okay so the first thing to keep in mind is not to pay for advertising and promotion to your store the reason being is that RedBubble is not your personal platform when you pay for the traffic your potential customers might end up buying from another seller.

It will cost you money to drive traffic to someone else what you want to do is promote your store for free and here’s how we do it okay.

How To Promote RedBubble Products: Follow these five techniques to get sell like hell.

1. By Using Pinterest Platform.

So the first thing you’re going to need to do is to open a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one once you have a Pinterest account you’re going to set up boards that you can pin your designs to Pinterest.

Pinterest is used by many for home decor it’s a good starting point for you to start building boards around some of the home decor products that are available through RedBubble and once your designs are pinned to those boards you’re going to start getting traffic from Pinterest back to your red mobile store.

And then with all this traffic hopefully some will convert into sales for your home decor items once you get comfortable with setting up home decor then you can start adding other boards for different products like t-shirts sweaters whatever you want to do.

So it’s a good starting point is to go to Pinterest and start creating boards based around the products that you have designs for on RedBubble so Pinterest has been our favourite way of getting traffic to our RedBubble store and it seems to be very effective in uh like I mentioned especially the home decor sector.

2. By Using Instagram Platform.

Instagram is another great way to build an audience the idea with Instagram is to showcase your designs and use the link in the bio to direct people back to your RedBubble store making sales on RedBubble.

RedBubble is all about being found the more people that come across your work the more chances you have to make a sale. It’s also about consistency the more things you post on Instagram the better chances you have that the algorithm will pick up your designs.

Another way to build an audience is to set up your own website and promote it on your social media feeds may be paid traffic.

Whatever it takes to get people to come to your very own website that you own and have control of 100 is an artist that creates its own print on demand shirts and prints so he’s fulfilling his orders through other print-on-demand vendors but you could do the same type of website but have everything linked back to your RedBubble store.

So that if the customer purchases something from your website it’s directed to RedBubble and also if you set up an affiliate account with RedBubble you’ll make money even if they don’t end up buying your particular merchandise on RedBubble.

But buy something else uh so you can double dip you basically get a loyalty if they buy your product and an affiliate income or if the person doesn’t buy your item and buy someone else’s design then you’ll get a royalty or permission.

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3. Using YouTube Platform.

Another way to build an audience is with YouTube you can maybe set up a channel showing people how to draw or other tutorials.

For example, Ronny does a lot of cartoon designs and things like that and he’s built a presence on YouTube and when people find his channel they might be directed to his RedBubble store through links in the description box and people also start to interact with the channel and it not only gives you a chance to sell stuff on RedBubble.

But you have options to sell things on other platforms or even create your own print on demand items that you can ship yourself. YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines so it’s worth tapping into it and trying to get traffic to your RedBubble store through your YouTube channel.

4. Email Marketing: Can we promote your RedBubble store using email marketing?

Yes  Of course you can do it in the upcoming time, email marketing is going to boom because this is the best marketing platform. Just think once about, what you will do if Facebook and Instagram Ads are getting banned or closed.

Then what you will do later the only option is left is Email Marketing because on this planet every people is using email every company is using email so it’s become too easy for you to promote your product through the Email Marketing tool. Tools like GetResponse, Aweber, are the tool by which you can automate your promotional work.

The best option is you can promote your products, if you have designed a new product then you can promote it using an email marketing tool.

5. By Using Facebook Page Platform.

You can also set up a Facebook Page to share your designs or you can join groups that allow posting of your designs think outside the box maybe join a home decor group and post a few designs such as the pillowcases or shower curtains.

Don’t spam groups be part of the community and become a trusted member add value with your posts and people will discover you and will interact with your content on the RedBubble and perhaps purchase something from you so you just want to get out there and be seen by as many people as you can to be able to market your designs on RedBubble.


I hope these tips helped you get an understanding of how to get out there and be seen so if you’d like to get tips on how to sell art online then please comment in the comment box so that I can help you and provide value to you all. Keep trying to keep doing it you’re going to be making more sales with more knowledge.

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