How To Start A Blog In 2020

How To Start A Blog In 2020|Scratch to Advanced Level [Full Guide]

How To Start A Blog want to understand the way to start a blog in 2020?

If yes, I will help you.

That’s the simplest decision you ever made in your life to start out a blog,

Do you want to generate passive income on autopilot through blogging, which helps you to live like a King? So starting a blog is that the first and crucial step that leads you to success.

But, After reading this guide, you’ll start your blog today and make a path for your success. Starting a blog isn’t complicated in the least, but all you need is guidance, in this way you will know how to start a blog in 2020.

What Is Blog?

A blog may be a sort of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order (newer content appears first). Blog content is usually mentioned as entries or “blog posts”.

Blogs are typically traveled by a private or a little group of individuals to present information during a conversational style.

How is it different than a Website?

Blogs are a kind of website. The only real difference between a blog and other sorts of website is that blogs are regularly updated with new content which is displayed latset posts first.

Typical websites are static in nature where content is organized in pages, and that they aren’t updated frequently. You can use WordPress to make both, an internet site and blog.

Here are some easy steps on how to start a blog without making an error and a few bonus tips which assist you to scale your new branded blog.

Let’s dive into it,

Remember This Point.

  • How to choose your profitable niche?
  • Choose Best Domain For Your Blog.
  • Buying hosting space for your Blog.
  • How to install WordPress?
  • Installing the Eye-Catching Theme for your WordPress.
  • Some Essential Plugin For Your Blog.
  • Setting up the header of your site.
  • Setting up the footer of your site.
  • Ways to make money through your blog.

How To Choose Your Profitable Niche?

How To Start A Blog

This is the most important part, and lots of newbies are stuck at it is a domain, we all know that to start a blog we need a domain.

Did you know? Why 99% of bloggers quit blogging in starting six months because they choose the niche which they are not passionate about it for a long period of time.

Niche is sort of a topic but not an easy topic because they need several topics in it to write an article for a long time.

There are many beneficial niches in which you’ll start your blog, but I do not suggest you accompany these niches because you do not have an interest in that niche, and If you begin a blog there on that niche, so you are going to be bored and quit blogging.

So, How you’ll find the right niche that Won’t regret later.

Let me help you to find the profitable niche.

You have to specialize in these two factors to seek out out the profitable niche for your blog.

Benefits :-

  • See that you simply can make money from that?
  • They have enough affiliate programs or not?
  • Is that niche has an too much volume of keywords or not?

Passionate :-

  • Are you always interested in performing in that niche?
  • Can you share too many articles of that niche?
  • Can you solve other problems together with your writing on that niche?

I think this will help you to find the right niche after seeing the above part, and if you can’t find out, then you’ll do that to seek out a perfect niche.

Write down your interest or which you’re passionate about and write more articles on it.

Find the niche which you liked the foremost from the list. Also, find an affiliate of that niche. These are some steps to seek out a profitable niche for your new blog.

Choose Best Domain For Your Blog.

How To Start A Blog

Now what is Domain? Domain means the name of your Blog. Let suppose you have a hotel and you named it as Taj Hotel. So that name is known as a Domain. Exectly like that only if you want to start your blog the name of your blog is know as Domain.

Now from where we can buy Domain. I will help you so just follow me as i am doing .

Tips which assist you to seek out your dream domain.

  • Keep it Short & Simple because peolpe can easly remember it.
  • Use Keyword – you’ll use your main keyword in your domain, which helps you in SEO.
  • Don’t Use Numbers – You can’t use numbers in your domain because it’s tough to recollect the numbers and always use (.in or .com) only.

If you still having any problem this will help you  LeanDomainSearch.

Buying Hosting Space For Your Blog.

How To Start A Blog

Now, What is Hosting? Let me explain you if you want to to build your hotel you need some certain amount of land that is known as Hosting .

Hosting is like a Storage device. It means hosting is a place where all blog files, images, content should store.

Now maybe you are thinking about which hosting is best. So lets me give you some idea about it.

For making a blog, you’ve got to wish web-hosting and domain,

I know you don’t realize both, but wait, let me guide you during this and tell you more about it.

Now, you are thinking which WordPress hosting is best for you?

There are plenty of web hosting which you’ll use to start out your new blog. But I don’t recommend to you that because they’re worthless.

So rather than supplying you with the ton of hosting list, I recommended you to travel with the Siteground.

Because Siteground is that the no.1 hosting for beginners, and honestly there support and repair are fantastic and really reliable; it’s also not very costly like another hosting.

So, are you excited to start out your business?

If Yes, then lets dive into it,

In this part, i will be able to guide you ways you’ll purchase the domain and host from Siteground,

You can also choose the other hosting you would like. Still, I highly recommend you Siteground because it’s affordable and reliable for beginners who want to try to blogging sort of business.

Follow these steps to purchased hosting and domain for your first blog:

  • Click on this Siteground to start out your first blog.
how to start a blog

I recommend you a startup plan because it’s more features.

  • Choose your domain name.
how to start a blog

Pick your name, which is straight forward to know. Let example, if you’re curious about opening a tech blog and you opt the blog name is techhub so you’ll accompany

  • Fill Your Account Information. You have to fill your information for your account.
  • Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Information.
  • You have to fill your credit/debit card details to purchased domain and hosting
  • Confirm The Conditions And Let start. You have to verify the terms and conditions,

After that, you’ve got to click on the check-out button. it’ll take a couple of minutes to the siteground to proceed with the small print .

Wait a couple of minutes, then check your email for important details associated with your account.

And you’re done.

Congratulations! you’ve got successfully purchased a hosting and domain for you. you’ve got crossed the foremost prominent stop on your thanks to start your blog.

How to Install WordPress?

How To Start A Blog

The only thing is that we’ve a correct guide. Here during this part, i will be able to how you’ll found out your WordPress site to form it survive the online .

Firstly, you’ve to go to your Siteground account, If you already purchased it so you’ll see the similar interface after login to your account:

how to start a blog

If you still having any problem with installing you can check out this video. Install WordPress on SiteGround it will help you a lot. thanks to this man Ray DelVecchio to provide this useful video.

You have to pick the beginning of an internet site choice to make a fresh website.

Then, you’ve got to click on the software which you would like to put in your website,

Click on the WordPress software to put it into your website. then you’ve got to fill some login details about your website:

After fill-out all the knowledge ,

Then you’ve got to click on the large complete button to proceed with the method .

It will take a couple of minutes to end fixing your WordPress website.

Now, click on the proceed button.

Now, click on my account button on the menu and click on on the installation tab.

Now, click on the attend Admin Panel to go to your new blog admin dashboard.

Now, you’ll redirect to your WordPress dashboard then enter your login details which you select during the installation and click on on the login button.

You can simply log in to your WordPress account by typing this, for example, your (website name/wp-admin) that’s simple it is.

Installing the Eye-Catching Theme for your WordPress.

How To Start A Blog

After installing wordpress, theme and blog looks is more important if you’re just starting your new blog.

In blogging, the planning of the blog matters because if you don’t have an excellent design, so you’re losing tons of traffic and audience. Good design helps to create more trust towards your readers.

In your WordPress inventory, there are a hell lot of free themes that are available for you, but I don’t recommend you to free themes because these free themes are easy to hack, and by this, you’ll lose you all website data.

If you would like to try to to blogging as a business, so invest in themes and plugins due to this the simplest investment on your blogging journey. I see many bloggers don’t invest during this sort of thing and face many critical issues later.

So which theme is best for you?

Use GeneratePress, which is that the lightest theme, and loads your website fast, and also I liked the planning of this theme, and lots of pro bloggers are using it because it’s easy to style.

Make sure that premium themes that you’re purchasing are lightweight and straightforward to use.

Check that the theme is compatible together with your latest WordPress version.

GeneratePress – it’s work good thus far because this theme is straight forward to customize so anyone newbie can customize it. The support of this theme is amazing.

After picking one theme now it’s time to put in that theme on your blog.

Just follow these below steps For installing any WordPress theme on your blog

First of all, log in on your WordPress dashboard ➡ Appearance ➡ Themes

Within the themes section, you’ll find various free themes, but if you have already got so, click on the add new button.

Click on the upload theme and upload your theme zip which you have downloaded from Generatepress and activate that theme on your blog.

Finally, you installed and activated your theme into your blog.

 Installing may be a theme is a simple task, but the most and important task is to customize that theme.

Some Essential Plugin For Your Blog.

How To Start A Blog

WordPress without plugins is nothing because plugins are necessary to Optimize your content, for SEO, Speed, and lots more. There are many plugins on WordPress, but there are some plugins that I’m currently using and making such things on autopilot.

Want to see the list of my favorite plugin?

So, here is that the list of my plugins which i’m personally using almost altogether my website –

Elementor – These plugins allow you to make your dream landing page by just drag and drop.

Rank Mathe SEO – SEO is more important to rank and drive tons of traffic. Rank math is that the new SEO plugin that becomes a favorite for each blogger now. Many bloggers suggest you accompany Yoast, but I don’t recommend that because they don’t have many features.

WP Rocket – Speed is one of the factors to rank on google. So wp rocket is that the plugin, which helps you to optimize your full website and make it faster.

Thrive Leads – If you would like to gather emails of your readers so you’ll attempt to thrive leads which help you to form a popup lightbox, sticky ribbon, screen filler overlay, content lock, and more.

UpdraftPlus – Backup of your website is important, although your Siteground keeps website backup daily. except for more security, I used this plugin to backup my website daily. This plugin helps you to backup your full website, and you’ll restore that data whenever you would like it.

Anti-Spam – Someone makes spam comments on your blog. This plugin helps you that if someone discusses your blog and comment seems like spam, so this plugin automatically removes it. – If you’re writing an informative article which features a lot of image in it so this plugin tries to optimize your images and by this your website load fast.

Social Snap Pro – Social snap may be a social sharing plugin, But I prefer this plugin such a lot because they assist to drive traffic from mediums like – Facebook, Twitter, and lots of more platforms.

Note :- I don’t recommend you to go with nulled or cracked plugins because these sorts of plugins are easy to hack by the hacker, and by this, you lose all of your website data.

If you would like to try to to professional blogging and make money out of it, I highly recommend you retain the investment mindset and treat your blog sort of a business.

If you’re wondering about the way to install the plugin? Let me help with you that,

Go to your WordPress dashboard

Then attend Plugins → Add New

Then upload your plugin zip file and click on on the “install now” button.

After installing, click on the “activate button” to put in that specific plugin.

Now let advance to other topics,

Setting Up the Header of your Site.

How To Start A Blog

You can edit and design any aspect of your header using an element or on any theme the header template. You can easily design and edit custom headers offering all the easy drag-and-drop element.

So in the WordPress dashboard under element or my templates click add new header choose header give it a name.

If you don’t name it it’ll just give you a default name this opens the template library offering a variety of customizable blocks choose the header template block and insert.

Setting Up The Footer of your Site.

How To Start A Blog

Now we’ll be adding this privacy policy page into our Footer. Go to the Appearance menu and you will be creating a new menu.

We will be naming it website footer then once created then you can add any page that you want.

I will be adding the privacy policies page. If you still having any problem please visit youtube.

Write Your First Stunning Post and Published It.

How To Start A Blog

Are you wondering about writing your first blog post?

So let me assist you to write down your first post on your blog. First of all, i would like to congrats you that you simply have successfully found out your WordPress blog, and now it’s time to form some posts for your new blog.

For creating a blog post, you’ve got to go: Dashboard > Post > Add New

After that, you’ll land on your post, and here you’ll start writing your first stunning post.

How To Start A Blog

Now, Let me offer you some tips that assist you to form your first epic post:

If you’re confused about finding the subject of your new post, so I recommended you to try to some keyword research around your niche, and by the searching question on Quora.

Super Tip: I like to recommend you accompany long-tail keywords at least 3 words because it’s easier to rank.

 Always tries to form an awesome title of your blog post by using numbers and power words.

Add some images for creating your article more comprehensive; I strongly recommend you to form your article lengthy and more intimately, and by more detail post, you’ll make your reader your true fan.

 I suggest you undergo the on-page guide with the help of RankMath so you’ll optimize your content easily.

Use words like I and You to more connect together with your readers and check out to don’t take copyright images from google. i like to recommend you usually to use copyright-free images.

Ways to Make Money Through Your Blog.

How To Start A Blog

This is the bonus part for you all, where I share some ways which assist you to form money from your blog.

There are several ways which you’ll use to form money from your blog. during this part, we’ll discuss some ideas which you’ll use to handsome money from your blog.

Are you excited enough?

If Yes, then let’s go to the list:

Affiliate Marketing: this is often one of the effective methods for creating money online. In this, you’ve got to market other products on your blog, and if you get a purchase of that product so then, you’ll get a commission from the merchandise owner.

Advertising on your blog: Most of the common ways ever blogger uses this to monetize their traffic and make money handsome money out of it.

Also Read 8+ Amazing Blogging Tools For Beginners.

Adsense – Adsense and you’ll apply to there program and make money from there.

Offering Service: If you’re an expert on anything like Web Designing so you’ll offer service to your reader, and that they will directly pay you. this is often one of the fastest ways to earn money from your blog.

Selling your course or product: If you recognize the way to sell anything so you’ll create your path and sell to your readers, but before that, you’ve got to create trust towards your audience if you have already got an audience then you’ll sell them anything.

These are the ways to how to start a blog in which you’ll use to form money from your blog. But always remember that if you would like to form money from your blog so you’ve got to stay patient and due diligence on your blog, and you’ll see your massive growth.

FAQ for how to start a blog In 2020.

How To Start A Blog
How To Start A Blog in 2020
  • How To Start A Blog for free?

    You can try on Wix,, Weebly, Medium
    Blogger these are the platform which provides free hosting and website to launch your blog.

  • How much money need to start a blog?

    For starting a blog it cost you around 3.50$ a month from the Siteground but I like to recommend you to go with one year to decide to get a special discount.

  • How do I promote my blog?

    You can promote your blog on social media and also on Medium, Quora, Forums many other places like this.

  • How to start a blog and earn?

    In this blog how to start a blog, There are several ways which you’ll use to form money from your blog by Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Advertising on your blog.

Congratulation! you’ve Created Your First Blog In 2020. Be consistent with your blog it will give you a lot.

My Request

I have tried my best and put so much effort into writing this blog post and I always try to provide more and more valuable to you all. It’ll be very helpful for me if you consider sharing it on social media networks and also do comment.


How To Start A Blog In 2020|Scratch to Advanced Level [Full Guide]
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