how to start a music blog

How to Start a Music Blog Which Generates at Least $1000/Month.

Why Start A Music Blog?

Today we will talk about how to start a music blog and how you can make $1000 monthly, if you also want to start a music blog, then this blog is for you, in this I have explained very well.​

​If you know how to write, and you have a lot of knowledge about music, then you can teach people how to work in the music genre. How a music blog can be beneficial for you.

Today we will know in full detail how to make a blog, how to make money from it, you can do it part-time or full time too.

If you start a music blog, you will get many benefits like –

  • Your network will be made with people working in music.
  • You can monetize your blog.
  • You can become an influencer.
  • Do your own personal branding.
  • You will get free tickets for shows.
  • Be able to attend live events.

1. The First Step In Starting A Successful Music Blog.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

To make your blog successful, it is very important for you to have knowledge about music, you can see the blogs of the big music bloggers, how they have written the content, what topics are covered.

You do not have to copy other content but look at their topic, what is lacking in them, which you can include in your blog and make your blog unique.

2. Choose The Right Blogging Platform For You.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

It is most important that on which platform you will post your blog. It is very important to choose a good platform if you are running your blog very seriously and are thinking about monetizing it in the future.

Then you have to avoid posting your blog post anyway. You can host your blog post on WordPress.

By the way, there are many platforms for posting blogs such as Tumbler, Blogger, Wix,

3. How to Plan Your Blog?

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

The blog of most people is not successful because they start the blog but without any planning. Anytime we should start a blog in any way, we should plan when, how and how we will do it for our blog and for how long.

Like how many posts will be published in the month, how many articles to write, when to SEO it, when to make backlinks for it, when to update the post, all these things should be planned before we start the blog.

4. Select a Genre in your Niche.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

Whenever you start a blog, it is very important to decide what our blogging niche will be. You are starting a music blog, but do you know that there are many categories in music as well –

A) Based on Genre

Indie rock


Experimental music







B) Local Music

Local artist

Local venues

Local event listing

Local music reviews

C) Music business blog

Record labels

Artist managers

Recording studios

D) Live music blog

Review of live shows & festivals

What to take to a festival

How to meet your favourite band

E) Music education blogs

How to learn an instrument

How to start a band

How to find a recording studio

5. Define the Goals Of Your Blog.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

It is very important for you to know what level you want to take your blog, because if a person knows what his goal is, then the way to achieve it is cleared. You are starting a blog but do you know what your goal is? If you do not know, then it is very important to take care of these things –

  • Are you going to cover only local artists?
  • Do you want to cover globally artists?
  • Which music genre do you interested in?
  • Which audience do you want to cover?
  • How will you make your blog unique?
  • Do you want to start a blog that people just need or want to start a blog that people can read and enjoy too?

6. How to Start Your Music Blog?

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

So let’s also know how we can start our own music blog, hoping that you will have a lot of fun while reading this blog.

Buy a Domain Name.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

Now you have to choose a name for your blog, which is called domain, the domain is the name of your website which people will search in Google and read your blog post.

It is very important to have a good domain name so that you can convert your domain name into a brand in the future.

Whenever you buy a domain, always buy .com extension because .com site not only ranks in your country it will as well as in other countries also. If you are creating your blog for your country or for a particular country.

So you can use extensions of that country like us for the USA, and .in for India.

First of all, you should check whether the name you have liked is available for your blog.

There are also some company that gives you domain free with hosting, so if you want, you can take the domain from GoDaddy separately and if you want to use the domain you get free with hosting, you can do it too.

A) Choose a Web Hosting Provider.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

Now it is time to take hosting if you have taken the domain from some other platform or GoDaddy, then you just need hosting now but if you have not taken your domain then you can use Bluehost hosting because you are hot Get a domain with hosting at best price.

Even WordPress is also recommending this hosting you can check their site. So click this to activate the hosting deal. Grab Now

Select Your Blue Host Plan – Basic $3.95 per month  *Special Pricing

I am recommending you Bluehost because its plans get a very low price and its service is also good and you get plenty of space in it which will be enough to start your music blog.

By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to Blue Host website, you have to click on Choose Plan.

You can choose the basic plan, if your blog goes ahead and goes well, then you can upgrade this hosting plan later too, but for now, the basic plan is enough to start a music blog.

Now click on the select option of Basic plan.

How to Start a Music Blog Which Generates at Least $1000/Month.
How to Start a Music Blog

After that one will open in front of you then you will see two boxes.

If you have not bought the domain yet, then in the Create a new domain box, type the name by which you want to take the domain.

And if you have already purchased the domain, then you type that domain into Use a domain you own.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

As soon as you complete these steps, one more will open in front of you, then you have to fill the account information.

After that, in Package Information below, select how many months you have to take hosting.

Now in this package Extras you have to choose which extras you want to take for your website.

You can take it according to your need

You will have to file your Credit Card Number, Expiry date, CVV details to file this payment information.

B) Creating A Password.

Congrats you have bought hosting. Now for Blue Host account you have to create a password, the password should be such that no one can guess what password you can enter, so always create a unique password.How to Start a Music Blog Which Generates at Least $1000/Month.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

Finally you are ready to create a blog……..

C) Install WordPress.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

To install Word Press you must first login to the Blue Host account.

As soon as you login, an interface will open in front of you, where all the themes will be seen, you can start any further process by using any theme from there, but here you have to proceed by clicking on the skip option.

If you buy both domain and hosting from Blue Host then, Blue Host automatically installs Word Press, which reduces your problem, because Beginner understands that it is more difficult to change the settings; they think how to install Word Press so that no settings get messed up.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

After installing WordPress you have to login to your WordPress

To login to WordPress you need to replicate with your URL and hit enter

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

D) Install a Custom Theme.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

Now we need to decorate our website a little, so that if someone comes to the website, read your blog, if it bounces from your site, then it is a negative signal for your site, if your blog does not look good. No matter how good your content is written, no one will want to read your blog.

To install the theme, you can follow these steps, first you login to your Word Press.

Step: – 1 After that, you have to go to the Appearance option.

Step: – 2 And click on the theme from it.

You will find a lot of themes; you can check each theme one by one to see which theme suits your blog.

And if you have already downloaded a theme, then you can do it as well, for that you have to click on the upload theme and upload that theme.

My recommendation will be that you should buy a good theme. The specialty of such a theme is that Theme Company gives you a lot of customer support, and there is no risk of any kind of virus.

I use the Generatepress theme in my blogs, the benefit of using it is that this size is 47kb which will speed up your site.

The second is that it is a fast theme, and it is the pocket-friendly theme, this theme Automatically adjusts according to the dimension of your blog.

E) Want to find what your favourite websites are using for their theme?

Sometimes it happens that we are reading something on someone’s website and we like his theme and we think that if I knew the name of this theme, I would also use it in my blog.

So I also tell the solution for this, for this, you have to go to website and whatever site you want to know the theme name, paste the URL of the blog or website in it and search it, you will get the name of the theme.

Best WordPress Themes For Music Blogs.

  • Wayfarer
  • StereoClub
  • Harmony Music
  • Musika
  • Steve Cadey
  • Musos
  • Amplify
  • Hammer
  • Music
  • Rock Star
  • Musicsong
  • Music Club Lite

F) Recommended WordPress Plugins for Music Blogs.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

Now we have to install some plugins in our blogs, you must be wondering what plugins are – plugins are third-party apps that are used to design a website, plugins make our work easier. Just like we install apps for different things in our phone, we have to install some plugins (apps) in our blog.

So here are some plugins that you should install.

  • Akismet
  • Yoast SEO
  • JetPack
  • TinyMCE Advanced
  • WP Smush
  • Shortcodes Ultimate
  • WP Forms Social-Media Sharing
  • Author Boxes
  • Speed ​​Optimization
  • W3 Total Cache
  • for Artists
  • GigPress
  • Blubrry
  • Audio Album
  • Grooveshark

7. Start Writing Pages & Posts.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

We have almost done everything that should be set up in a new blog, now we need to write posts for our blogs so that our blog does not look blank, unless we write some posts in it, how will it be fun?

Now we will also have to create some pages and categories so that we can separate pages and category wise from our posts.

And most important this is to write your blog description very well so that visitors can’t wait to open your link. It’s very important to create the pages given below.

  • About me
  • Contact
  • Resources page
  • Privacy Policy
  • DMCA
  • Affiliate disclosure (If you want to sell affiliate product)
  • Demo submissions
  • Term & Condition

8. Launch Your Music Blog.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

Now you are ready to launch your blog, now you can share your post with your friends, family and let them know that I have started a music blog, and told them to give reviews and if possible share this blog to other people as well.

By doing all this, Google will get a signal that you have posted a post. By the way, Google does not give that much importance to social sharing, but still, you should share because the traffic on your site will not come organically in the starting period of blog launch.

9. Things to Remember.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

A) Consistency is Essential.

Whenever you start a blog, always keep working on that blog, it is not that you put a post today and did not post any post for the next 1 week, doing this will not rank your site,

Google will think that no latest content is being posted on this blog.

Therefore, Week or Monthly set a time, I have to post a post on this day in the week or I have to post this date in the month.

With this, it will be beneficial to rank your site and Google’s bots will scroll your site on that day or on that date.

B) Create a Content Plan for Your Music Blog.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

Whenever you start a blog, first of all, you should have planned for the next 2 to 3 months now and how much work you will do on your blog in the next 3 months. A lot of work has to be done in a blog after that we start earning from it.

Pay attention to the below-given things that you should do, before starting your blog.

  • How many contents will you post in the next 3 months?
  • When you are going to update your post?
  • When will do SEO of your blog?
  • When will you start creating backlinks for my blogs?
  • How many days in the week and which post to share?
  • When you are going to collaborate with music bloggers?
  • When you will promote your blogs?

C) Do interviews With Blogging Experts.

If you want to grow the blog quickly, then you will have to make a connection with another music bloggers, you can interview another music bloggers and post them on your blog and give them your blog link.

They will share that link on their social media this will do branding for them and your post will get a boost which will increase the chance of ranking.

10. Different Ways To Earn Money From Music Blog.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

We have created and also launched your blog, now it comes that how can we earn from this blog, then I will tell you that there are many ways from which you can earn. For example –

A) Affiliate Marketing – You can do an affiliate marketing of products on your blog. You can promote products related to music, such as guitar, violin, album, show tickets, etc. You can earn by using all these things. You can also promote any product from Amazon, the commission on Amazon is a little less, but still, you can target your target audience who can give you a good profit.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

B) E-Shop – You can create your own e-shop store in which you can sell your albums, recordings, posters, you can use the woo-commerce plugin to create a store. Being a music blogger, most of them sell their products and make money.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

C) Consultancy: – As you become expert in creating music blog and growing it. By using the same expertise, you can give consultancy to others and in return you can charge money from them. As many pro bloggers are there, they create their own site and list their services, and the service visitors need, they choose the service and book the appointment.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

D) Promoting Talent: – There are a lot of people who like to sing and they sing well but they are not able to present their talent in front of anyone because they do not have any platform which they can use to present themselves in public.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog

This is a good opportunity for you, you can promote those people on your blog and charge them, in this way you will help them and in return they will pay you.

D) AdSense:- Almost every new blogger thinks that when I get the approval of AdSense. You can also monetize your blog with Google AdSense; Google will put Ads on your blog and will pay you in return.

how to start a music blog
How to Start a Music Blog


If you are searching on google that how to start a music blog, then read this blog to the end. In this blog I have tried to cover almost everything and if you like this blog, then let us know in the comment box.

To be successful in a music blog, you always have to think about something new, you need to increase your creativity level and try to put some uniqueness in the blog.

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