I Bought a Domain Name Now What

I Bought a Domain Name Now What? 13+ Important Things To Do In 2020.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What to do If this question is coming in your mind too, then this blog is for you, in this blog I have explained you 13+ things that you should do after purchasing a domain name.

You have bought a GoDaddy domain; first of all, I congratulate you very much, you have taken the first step in my blogging career, but your journey is not over yet. You have to do a lot more now; you might be thinking that you have taken the domain name; now what should I do now.

So don’t worry my friend I am here only for you; in this blog, I will explain to you in full detail what you have to do next.

In this blog, I will try to explain what you should do after taking the domain. If you are completely new in this field and do not have the technical knowledge, you do not have to worry a lot because I am going to explain everything step by step in a very simple way.

So let’s start and clear your doubts guys.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What, You must do these things

1. Buy Reliable Web Hosting.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What

After purchasing the domain, first of all you have to decide what you are going to do with this domain, you want to create a blog or website, or you want to open an online shop.

Now to launch this domain you will need a space and that space means Hosting. After taking the domain, you have to take hosting where you will launch your blog or website and share your ideas and knowledge with people.

If you are new to the blogging carrier, then you must confirm which hosting to buy, which hosting is good and which hosting has best features, and which hosting is better for you.

And if you are a beginner, you will also have money problems, so considering your budget, I will recommend you take Siteground hosting. This hosting is perfect and affordable for you, and its service, support, and features are also very impressive.

Why is Siteground good?

Superfast servers:- Siteground Hosting is highly optimized for better speed. SiteGround hosting has technologies like the latest SSD drive and custom software, which further boosts your speed and gives the website super fast speed.

Top-Notch Customer Support:- Their customer support is much better than any other hosting. 24*7 hours support available; they provide many support types such as live phone chat, ticket-based support.

Free CDN and SSL:- Siteground hosting provide free SSL certificate and Cloudflare CDN, which you can set up immediately.

Multiple Server Locations:- Their data center is in 3 continents; at the time of purchasing (Sign Up) from it, you can choose where you want to put your data center.

WordPress.org also recommends SiteGround hosting. It believes that if you want to launch any blog or website, you can use the siteground.

Not only I recommend this hosting, but also the pro bloggers believe that Siteground is the best, and everyone likes its features and their service.

Click on this special link to

By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the Siteground hosting plan. And there you will see many plans, but you don’t have to worry about which plan to choose and which plan is better for you.

Just keep these things in mind.

1- Choose Plan According to your need.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Startup Plan – If you are new in this field and want to start a blog or website for a low cost and want to take it for learning purposes, you can choose this plan.

Grow Big & Go Greek – If you already have a website or blog and because of high traffic on your site, you want to get new hosting, then you can choose this plan; in this hosting plan, it can handle monthly traffic of 25000 Is up to 100000, so you can take it.

2- Enter the domain name here and a step further. And if you already have a domain, tick the “I already have a domain” and click on the Proceed.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

3- Now, you need to fill your details like Name, Email, Password, Address, Country, Pincode, Phone number.

4- Now, you have to fill the card details to make the payment.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

5- Now you have to tick the condition of the Siteground and click on Pay Now.

After filling all this and completing these processes, you will get hosting in a while, and you will get a confirmation mail.

Now you have both domains and hosting available to start a blog or website; now you are ready.

2. Connect Your Domain Name With Your Hosting.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Now we have to connect our domain with our hosting to design and host our website. If you have taken the domain and hosting from a different place, you need to work a little bit. 

But If you have taken the domain and hosting from one place, then your work will be a little easier. Don’t worry if you have taken the domain and hosting from a different place; I will help to connect it.

For example, let’s say you have taken the domain from GoDaddy and hosting from the Siteground.

  • First, you have to log in to GoDaddy
  • After that, you have to go to My Products; after that, your entire domain will be visible, as many domains as you have taken.
  • After that, you have to click on the DNS of the domain you want to add; after that, you will scroll down a little, and in the name server option, click on Change.
  • Now, you have to change the Default and select Custom; after that, you will see two Name Server box.
  • You have to log in to the Siteground account; after that, you have to go to My Account, where you will see two name servers and copy them both, and now you have to go to your GoDaddy account; the name server box was and paste it.
  • Now, you have to click on Save.

Now again, go to Siteground and click on Add Domain, and fill all your details and click on Add Domain.

Now shortly after that, your domain will be connected to your site hosting.

3. Install WordPress On Your Website.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

1- For this, you have to log in to your Siteground then click on Set Up Site.

2- Now you have to select Start New Website and select WordPress.

3- After that, you have to enter your email and password in the setup login and click on the Continue your WordPress installation will start.

4. Design a Professional Blog or Website.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Get a Premium WordPress Theme

 Theme makes the design of your website very beautiful and attractive. It is essential to have a good theme on the website because a good theme and good content keep your visitor on your site if your theme or design is not good. When visitors don’t enjoy your blog, then they get bored and bounce back from your site.

By the way, WordPress.org gives us many themes for free, and we can also use that theme without giving a rupee, but why I am asking you to use a paid theme.

Now I tell you, Premium Themes gives you good speed, makes your site beautiful & attractive, and also this theme is seo friendly, which adapts itself to every device and resolution.

I use the GeneratePress theme for my blog, which is a premium paid theme, you can also use it; the specialty of this theme is that it is very fast, so friendly, lightweight, and the best thing is affordable. If you have started blogging, I don’t think you should step back from investing.

Because whether it is a website or a blog, it is like a business, and no one gets a return without investing in a business. In this theme, you will get outstanding customer support. There is no guarantee of an update in free theme, while paid and premium themes always give new features and updates. Don’t know how to Install theme you can check out this blog.

Generate Press:- I have used this theme in this blog as well, and it is a very awesome theme. Its size is around 45kb, and it is very lightweight due to which the speed of your website will also increase. You can easily customize it too by yourself. You can buy this theme from this special link here you will get a discount.

5. Add SSL To Your Domain Name.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

You can see a lock in the URL of this blog, which makes my visitors feel safe and secure; they don’t fear to access my blog because they know that my site is safe.

SSL is also a ranking factor and builds trust between visitors and website owners. After installing SSL, our site url change from http: // to https: //.

The full form of SSL is a secure socket layer. Whenever we search for something or make an online payment, and whatever data is exchanged between our computer and hosting server, it is safe.

Whenever we buy something from any website, we see the https and lock symbol because we want to make sure that whatever detail we will give this site is secure. Don’t know how to install SSL; please check out this post. 

Why Do You Need To Install SSL.

SSL has also become a factor of Google Raking; this was confirmed by Google itself in 2014.

Https: gives your visitors a trust that they are on the safe site, and there is no problem while doing any kind of payment. SSL also increases your conversion rate if you have an e-commerce site or any affiliate sites.

6. Install Essential Plugins After Launching Your WordPress site.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

After installing the theme, now you have to install some important plugins in your WordPress that make your work easier, and WordPress gives you lots of free plugins for free, here I will tell you about some plugins and which plugins do you need to install.

W3 Total cache – This plugin helps you to clean the cache of your site or blog.

Hello Bar – By using this plugin, you can collect all the visitors’ names and emails coming to your site. In this plugin, you get some feature that you can customize it according to your need. For example, if a visitor comes to your site, then after how much time they see this hello bar. And also what kind of detail they have to fill.

Rank Math – It is very important to install this plugin because this plugin will help you in your seo; this plugin helps you a lot in the on-page seo like how many words your content is, whether the URL is so friendly or not, keywords How much is the density, whether the power word is used or not.

So I will highly recommend this plugin to you. It helps in increasing the speed of the site, reduces the load time.

According to Google, if your website speed is fast and the load time is less, your site will rank quickly because if the visitor comes to your site and Neither will the website open, it will bounce back and move to another Google will down your site.

Updraft – You must install this plugin; this plugin helps us make a backup if our site gets hacked or inadvertently delete any content or manipulate the settings. If done, we can avoid such problems, so we need to make a backup of our site too, and this plugin helps us make backup and restore.

7. Set Up Social Media Profiles For Your Domain.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Very few people know that the best sources to bring traffic to a new blog is that you create a profile on the social site. If you have not yet created a social profile matching your blog, then you should create it now.

Because in the beginning, it happens that you write a lot of blogs, but there is no one to read your post, and you don’t get any traffic. So you have to create a profile on social sites. Because after sharing your blog on the social platform, you get some social traffic, which gives a signal to Google, organic traffic takes a lot of time. 

You should create an account on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and all other social platforms because whenever you share a new post on these platforms, make sure to tag some people in it.

8. Create a Under Construction Page. 

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Whenever you start a new blog or website, you must keep an under-construction page so that people can know that some work (update or changes) is going on in your site.

Suppose you have a new site and you want to change something in it, then you can do your work by putting an under-construction page on your site, and when visitors come to your site, they will see that work is going on in this site.

But if you want the visitors who are visiting your site at the time of construction. If you want to collect their email or name, then you can put a contact form there so that visitors can go back by putting their details here.

9. Simplify Domain Management.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

If you are a beginner, then you might not need it; let me give you a little explanation of what is domain management. Just assume you have a lot of blogs, and you cannot handle them alone, and you think to hire someone so that they can maintain and update your blogs. 

For this, you have to go to your WordPress Dashboard and add some users who can access your blog and write your content or do your blog work.

There you can give someone access to your blog, and that user will log in to your blog and do your work whenever you want.

10. Verify Your Site With Google Search Console / Webmaster.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Do you know how Google search your site or ranks your article because it has a map of your site? And that map is called Sitemap. The Sitemap has all details about Post, Page, Category, and many things.

Google Search Console has all your site data and keeps giving information about your sites, such as where your keywords are ranked, which positions they are ranked, In which countries they are ranked. Whether Google has a penalty on your site or not, whether your page or post is indexed or not, how much traffic is coming and from which country, you get all the details in Google Search Console.

You can watch videos on how to connect your site in Google search console.

11. Setup Google Analytics

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software.

Google Analytics is a free product from Google itself, which gives thorough and important reading about your website; it helps to grow our website.

By using Google Analytics, you can improve your website and so that your site looks different from the rest of the website.

12. Create Goals For Your Website or Blog.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Whenever you create a website or start a blog, it is essential to have a plan (mind map) because blogging takes a lot of time. It would be best if you had a complete mind-map because most people quit their blogging career because they don’t have mind-map, and they did’t get instant results. 

Blogging is also like a business; you will earn more when you invest more; you should invest in learning blogging.

Keep this in mind while creating your goal.

  • What should be your plan whenever you start a blog?
  • How many blogs you have to write every month?
  • When you have to start creating a backlink?
  • When to do SEO?
  • When you have to update the blog?

All these things are very small but too uch useful; after purchasing your domain, set a goal for your blog, which helps you build a profitable blog in long term.

Networking – If you are going to start blogging career, you have to do networking with many people, you have heard a quote “Network is net worth” it is said because the bigger your network is, the more revenue you will be able to make.

Traffic – You have written a blog, but if you don’t have traffic, then you will not going to earn money, so make a plan that you have to work for traffic in a week, the more traffic you get on your site, the more you earn. There are many ways to start getting instant traffic; you can share your blogs in social profiles and take referral traffic from it.

Content – You have to decide how many posts you write in a month because if you keep writing the content whole month, then when will you increase your domain’s authority, create backlink, and bring traffic, so planning is essential.

Income – You have to set a target to earn in the last month of this year or next year it is only for motivation. Because see if you don achive your smal small target you can’t achive a big target. So set target how much you will make after one year or what will be your lifestyle after two years, if you keep this target, then you have self responsibility to do something for yourself.

13. Start Creating Content To Drive More Traffic.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

Now we have completed all the steps that a new blogging beginner should do, now we need to write content for our blog, first of all, you have to decide how many article you will post in a week or in a month.

Whenever you write a blog, write at least 1500 words. Let me explain you if you write a article of 500-600 word in a week its not going to work for you , you have to write at least 1500 word article in a week, benefit of writing a long article is that visitors will get more value from your blog and they will check out your other posts also if you have done internal linking propery.

In 500 word you can’t exolain or describe somrthing to any one and your article is going to be waste of time you have to write article in depth and in detail.

Optimize your article well so that your seo score is correct so that people read your article, and Google will rank it, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO must. And after writing the blog, share it on your social platform to get some traffic from it.

14. Develop a Strategy To Grow Your New Brand.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what

When you start a website or blog ultimately, then you must also promote and do branding of your website or blog, let’s know how you can do branding.

You must follow these rules.

I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what
  • Know your target audience – What is your niche and your blog or website is related to your inch or not, you have to tell about your brand and blog with peoples. For example:- If you write an article on your blog related to technology and you will share that article in a health-related Facebook group, then it is doubtful that group audience will visit to your blog. So share your blog and knowledge in your niche and your niche group.
I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what
  • Maintain your presence on social media – Whenever you start your journey on a digital platform, one thing you must always keep in mind is that you have to keep posting content. And if you are not able to provide content, then at least keep giving some some updates on your social profile regarding your lifestyle, so that the figure of your face is kept inheld in mind of your audience. Remember, you always have to be in the mind of people so that people do not forget you because from the day your audience starts ignoring you, your traffic will start coming down, and your revenue will also decrease.
I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what
  • Always update your post – You should always update your old blogs so that Google maintains your ranking because Google likes the latest article more.
I Bought a Domain Name Now What
i bought a domain name now what
  • Make contact with Professionals – It is said that if you live with two fools, then the third fool will be you, similarly, if you live with a professional, then you can become the next professional. When you start working with your professionals together, you will start learning new ideas and mindset.

FAQ of I Bought A Domain Name Now What?

Can you just buy a domain name without hosting?

Yes, you can buy domain without buying hosting. It is not neccesery to buy domain and hosting together.

Does it matter where you buy your domain name?

Absolutely no, you can book domain from wherever you like, Namecheap, GoDaddy

Which domain is best?

All domain are good but you can choose some top level domains, such as: – .com, .net, .org, .edu, .in, .co, .co.in

Who is the legal owner of a domain name?

The person who has booked the domain under his name is the legal owner of that domain, but when you are not renewing the domain on time for a long time, then that domain expires.

What is Domain?

A website or blog has a unique name that people search in Google; in accessible language, the site’s name is called domain.

Why would you transfer a domain name?

There can be many reasons for transferring the domain for example as if your hosting always goes down so that your website starts to go down. You think to transfer it to a new hosting, there can be many reasons.

How to build a website after buying domain name?

I have written a full article on it please check it out.

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