Unlimited Kindle vs Audible

Kindle Unlimited vs Audible : Which One Is Best And Pocket-Friendly.

Today we will know the benefits and the difference between Kindle Unlimited vs Audible. If you are also passionate about reading books and you want a platform where you can listen to the books instead of reading, then today I will tell you about two such platforms by using it you can listen any kind of books in audio form.

How can you use this platform, Is it a free platform? what is its membership plans, you will get all the information in  detail in this blog.

The Amazon Kindle Unlimited is the most famous handy device which is provided by Amazon. If you love to read books and magazines then you should surely go for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription service.
The most significant advantage of Kindle Unlimited is that you have to pay only the monthly cost and don’t have to pay for the individual books.


Audible provides you the opportunity with over 470,000 audio book titles to listen in. It’s for the busiest people who don’t want to spend their time reading and that are why they buy a membership for listening to the audio books. Audible is the most premium audio book services available in the market.

Kindle Unlimited vs Audible.

As all of us know that Amazon owns the most used services for reading books online which is known as Audible and Kindle Unlimited. All avid readers get easily confused when it comes to buying a subscription. Both the services have their benefit but choosing the right option always seems confusing to the end consumers.

These two online audio libraries often come to help those readers who love to read but don’t have much time to come across each page so they use these types of services. Literally, you can enjoy your favorite book anywhere just by tapping straight into the device and listen to it peacefully.

Firstly the one thing that strikes our mind when we are using these types of hi-tech services that what is the major difference between Audible and Kindle Unlimited.

Difference between Audible and Kindle Unlimited.

Since both are the sub-products of Amazon and hence they have fewer differences in features.

Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks allows the user to access eBooks, magazines, and audio books also.  It comes with unlimited reads per month including some famous titles including the magazines and some handpicked audio books for convenience.

While on the other hand,

Audible is the service that is for the busiest person who doesn’t want to waste his/her precious time by reading the stuff available on the app. So, if you are the person who wants to spend valuable time listening to any audio books available in the market place.

So here’s the real advice, both of the services have their benefits and drawbacks, neither of them is perfect. All it depends on the individual and if you are feeling confused why not try them both.

Is Audible the same as Kindle Unlimited?

No, both the services are different and completely depend on individual usage. The best part about both the services is that Amazon somehow adjusts the disadvantages and makes them stand out from the competition.

For a better understanding consider this example like If you are preparing for the competitive exam and you want to read books you must select the Kindle Unlimited Edition for yourself rather than going for the audible. It is easy to flip the pages over and over for the important information discussed in the eBook.

And if you are looking to experience some genuine fictional stories or tales then going for the Amazon Audible is the best choice.

So it is a big no that they are the same and completely depends on the reader what exactly he/she wants to use.

Is Audible free with Kindle Unlimited?

With the Kindle Unlimited Membership, you can easily get access to millions of titles which include most of the eBooks and some books which are compatible with audible also.

There are no due dates which mean no late fees and it also gives the advantage to the user to borrow as many ten titles at once easily.

And choosing the Audible subscription provides you the benefit that when your subscription expires, you can easily keep your audio books as saved on the device.

So, it is clear that Audible is not free with Kindle Unlimited and both of them have different features as well as different subscription plans.

Is Audible Unlimited worth it?

If you are a serious book lover who loves to listen to books carefully then Audible Unlimited is something you look forward to the next subscription purchase list.

The cost of monthly Audible premium membership is only $7 and you are also awarded some credits that you can use on any audio book of your choice from the top picked hand list.

By purchasing the subscription also give you the benefit that you can listen to the audio book even after canceling your subscription. In the end, buying Audible Unlimited is really worth it.

Kindle Unlimited vs Audibl

Audible & Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Kindle Unlimited Subscription comes with a monthly plan which cost $9.99 which let the user choose million of titles across the globe to read.

There is also a trial period of 30 days that means you can test it before making a final payment of the subscription. And you can use it on any device of your choice.

On the other hand, Audible offers the pricing of $7.95 monthly, and also you can avail of the 30 days money-back offer. In Audible you get more than 200,000 audio books and it doesn’t mean you can listen to many books.

So, we can see that when it comes to which of the services of Amazon gives more benefits. However, choosing the Kindle Unlimited is the best decision as you can access hundreds and millions of titles without having any kind of limit and it also includes ready to read eBooks which are missing in the Audible.

What’s better kindle Unlimited or Audible?

To be very honest, it completely depends on the reader and the usage of the user. But for choosing the right membership, you have to identify your actual needs which you are looking for from the services.

Audible gives the reader to listen to audio books across the globe. It is ideal for the person who is just looking to listen to books anywhere by tapping the button.

And Kindle Unlimited provides the user facility of reading as well as listening to some audio books over million titles which also includes magazines and eBooks from the world.

When it comes to the real benefit and choosing the better option available Kindle Unlimited provides far more titles and pros than Audible.
There is limited access in Audible for the user but if you are an avid reader then going for Kindle Unlimited is worth purchasing.

Which is better Storytel or Audible?

Both Storytel and Audible are amazing products when it comes to choosing the best audio books services.

If you buy the Storytel subscription, you can literally listen to any number of audio books every month.

Storytel gives you an unlimited number of books in a month and when compared to Audible it is cheaper and you can listen to more than 1 audio book in a month. But the real drawback of using Storytel is that it has a limited collection of audio books as compared to Audible and you need an active subscription to continue to listen to any audio book.

While choosing the Audible you gets a wide range of audio books in the libraries, almost all books from the world are available on the Amazon store which has the audible version.

You can listen to free audio books you chose to get every month even after the cancellation of the subscription and you can swap for the books you don’t like for completely free. Audible stand back when it comes to listening to audio books more than 1 in a month in this case you have to additionally buy the audio books.

How to get Audible on Kindle Paper white?

Yes, Kindle supports Audible for maximum devices but for some readers, it doesn’t have audio capabilities.

You can play both Audible audio books and other audio books companion you have bought for Kindle books you already own. There is a Bluetooth chip in the Kindle Paper white which helps the user to play his/her favorite books by connecting headphones or speakers to the Kindle Paper white.

The next thing which is considered as important for everyone who likes to listen to audio books is that it comes with a larger memory space of 8GB and 32GB variant which makes the process easy for the user to download many numbers of audio books for offline playback.

The Conclusion

Kindle unlimited awards you more complete admittance to different titles since Kindle is home to more than 6 million books. This can be exceptionally fulfilling in the event that you need to peruse the digital books as opposed to streaming them as book recordings.

Presenting a book to kindle is significantly simpler than making a book recording. Accordingly, there are many more digital books available to be purchased than there are book recordings.

Nonetheless, that additionally implies that quality is more different from digital books.

If all you ask for from your membership, in any case, is to stream book recordings just, at that point audible is a superior fit for you. On Audible you’ll approach essentially any book recording. If the book you need to peruse comes in sound structure, it’s on Audible.

Kindle Unlimited gives you a lot bigger library than Audible; however, its administrations are restricted to individuals outside of the United States. While both of these administrations share a respectable sum for all intents and purpose, there are certainly some unmistakable contrasts.

We pick Audible as the general victor because of its wide accessibility and the way that it really allows you to buy books. Something we love most about Audible is that it gives its supporters genuinely sheer limits on book recordings once in a while.

It probably won’t have the broad library that Kindle Unlimited does; however, it is as yet developing and offers loads of various sorts of media.

Now I think this blog has helped you in choosing the best platform between Kindle Unlimited vs Audible. If it helps you then share it with your friends and family and enjoy the audiobooks.

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