"My Response Is On My Own Website" 1 Secret Way to Create High-Quality Backlink.

“My Response Is On My Own Website” 1 Secret Way to Create High-Quality Backlink.

My Response is on my own website by using this technique, you can make do-follow quality backlinks if you have started a blog, website, very easily in a short period of  time

Most bloggers who do event blogging use this technique, which allows them to bring their site to SERP in very less time.

Hello, my name is Vikram Sharma, today we are going to talk about how to create do follow quality backlinks on your site in a short time by using My Response is on my own website techniques.

And the backlinks that we get from these sites are instant approval backlinks. Just stay on this post and at the end of this post, I will provide links to some sites from which you can create do-follow backlinks for free for your blog or site.

These backlinks are very high quality backlinks., today I am going to share some secret of backlink in front of you.

Let’s start without wasting time.

What Is ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’?

My response is on my own website‘ This is a group of sites from which you can create follow backlinks, that too high quality backlinks for free. In this, all you have to do is to review those sites or give your feedback and give a link to your website.

Whenever you start events blogging, it becomes very important to create a backlink for your site so that your site can get instant boost.

Everyone knows that if you want to rank your blog, then you have to create a backlink and the quality of the backlink should be good, and also it should be from a unique domain.

If you create backlinks from the same domain again and again, your authority will not be build, so if you want to create authority for your website, then you will have to create a backlink from the unique domain, creating a backlink comes within the off page seo.

Creating backlinks from unique and high DA PA domains makes your site easier to rank in first page.

Why ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’ is Effective and Beneficial?

This point makes ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’ very effective and beneficial for us to create backlinks.

  • Whenever we create a backlink from a site or blog, it takes a lot of time to get indexed but its techniques don’t take much time to get indexed
  • These backlinks have high authority DA PA.
  • Even if you create a no-follow backlink from these sites, then also it will prove to be very beneficial for your site.
  • By making a backlink from this, you will get a lot of traffic too.
  • Creating backlinks from it also increases your blog’s authority, and indexes quickly.

Proof of Above Points:

Below I am sharing some screenshots proofs and you will see that “my response is on my own website” how powerful is it, and what is the quality of the backlinks we get through it.

These screenshots will tell you how effective these backlinks are.

For example, I tell you about this site response submission site (www.paleofuture.com) The special thing about this site is that its backlink is very powerful and indexed quickly.

Now consider its statistics a little bit,

My Response is on my own website
My Response is on my own website
My Response is on my own website

According to Moz:-  You can see the authority of the page and the authority of the domain of your website, with this you can guess what the quality of the backlink will be.


  • Domain Authority: 59
  • Domain Rating: 61
  • URL Rating: 15
  • Page Authority: 45
  • Backlinks: 396,900
  • Referring Domains: 1133
  • Alexa Ranking: 2,119,918

I think this is enough for you to know how my backlinks to My Response Is On My Own website and how high quality is.

Now you must be thinking about how you can do it and what is its process. So you don’t have to worry because I will tell you everything stepwise.

Steps To Getting Backlink From “My Response Is On My Own Website” List.

I will help you step by steps to get a backlink from My response Is On My Website.

Step 1: Search Worldwide (Search Engine)

First of all, you have to open Google.com, just remember that Google.com  nothing else i.e google.com.pk or google.ca.

Now you have to type that “My response is on my own website” and search it, a lot of results will be opened in front of you, but you have to choose according to your need.

I have also given you some examples below.

“my response is on my own website technology”

“my response is on my own website education”

“my response is on my own website travel”

“my response is on my own website digital marketing”

“my response is on my own website SEO”

“my response is on my own website Edu”

“my response is on my own website plywood”

“my response is on my own website news”

In the last, you can add keywords and search according to your bottom.

Step 2:- Search For High DA PA Sites.

If you like to keep information about our sites, then I will give you some tools which will help you, by using these tools you can get information like da pa spam score of any site.

  1. Alexa
  2. Moz Bar

The minimum statistics for a site should be:

  • Domain Authority: 30+
  • Page Authority: 20+
  • World wide Rank: 2,00,000
  • Region Rank: 70,000
  • Backlinks: 20,000+

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Keep in mind that whatever site you create backlinks, their statics should be equal to or greater than the statics given above.

Step 3: Get The Less Spammed Site

It is very important that you create backlinks from any site. That site’s spam score should be 0 or 1, no more than that.

To see the spam score, you can use the Moz tool, you can install this tool in your chrome extension

Step 4: Complete The Required Fields And Submit To Get Backlink.

  • The Article Title
  • Article URL
  • Article Excerpt
  • Site Name
  • Site URL
  • Author Name
  • Author Email

Fill your details in the form given above and click on the Create Post, you will get a Do-Follow backlink as soon as you do all this.

My Response is on my own website

List of some such sites, I will provide you below, by selecting the site according to your niche, you can create a dofollow backlink from it.

S. No.Websites


So this was today’s blog, in which I told you how to respond to your blog on My Response Is own My website.

You can make backlinks of high quality by using it, hope that you will like this blog for free and if you like it, then you must share it with your blogger friends too.

Because this is the biggest problem of newbies blogger they know where to make backlinks and how to make in starting. In the starting period, it is not possible to create free high-quality backlinks. So if you are also from one of them then comment in the comment box.

My Request

I have tried my best and put so much effort into writing this blog post and I always try to provide more and more valuable to you all. It’ll be very helpful for me if you consider sharing it on social media networks and also do comment.


"My Response Is On My Own Website" 1 Secret Way to Create High-Quality Backlink.
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