why blogging is important for students

20+Reason Why Blogging is Important for Students. Must Read if You are a Student

You ever think why blogging is important for students, Blogs hardly existed 20 years back. In today case, you can discover around 150 million blogs on the internet. Although blogging has become quite common these days, many people cannot understand its importance for a strong online presence. So, here we attempt to explain to you the benefits of blogging if you are a student.

If we say that almost everyone today is a blogger then many would not agree. When you post something on Facebook and get comments on it then consider yourself as a blogger. If you tweet something of fewer than 140 characters then you reconsidered s microblogger. Even if you upload a video on YouTube and get subscribers and comment for it then you will be called a video blogger.

People nowadays aren’t interested to just sit in front of the television and waste time. They want to engage in the new idea of entertainment which is self-expression. That is why people are interested to post some useful content on the online platform.

It is a great digital outlet for a person’s expression and creativity. Another important aspect is that you need not have a qualification like a degree or a diploma to prove your expertise. Although educational qualifications are needed and it takes years to get yourself certified as an expert by any institution or media. Online blogging will help you establish yourself as an expert in less time regardless of what degree you have or do not have at all.

There is such a lot of potential ability all around the planet which stays covered up because of the absence of assets. Be that as it may, presently with the assistance of contributing to a blog, you can distribute yourself and utilize web-based media for self-advertising and this has brought such countless secret specialists in the perspective on individuals

Consequently, on the off chance that you wish to show your insight and enthusiasm on the web, start with a self-facilitated blog under your own area name and if you do not want to go straightaway professional then you can use other platforms just to play.

Facebook and Tumblr can provide you with a good platform as a starter or amateurs. Talking about the professional blog, we have WordPress which gives you a great platform if you want to make blogging your full-time profession. In the event that you establish a solid framework, it can change your way of life generally, later on, all things considered, to assemble a home you need to make a solid base.

Let us now discuss various benefits of starting a blog in student life that will help you understand why it is important in different aspects of life and we also know the advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students.

1. You can get a much Better Job

why blogging is important for students

90% of the companies check profiles online before hiring any new person. A basic explanation behind it is that organizations need to recruit individuals who show a solid impact on the web. The influence should obviously be positive and this can be achieved through blogging. You can say blogging is a very powerful and low-cost marketing tool.

2. A Great Way to Start a New Business

why blogging is important for students

Blogging is not just about passion, nowadays it becomes a good business. There are many examples where people started out blogging just to share their thoughts but their blogs converted into thriving businesses. Therefore if you are really willing to do it then a simple blog can also lay a foundation for a great business.

3. You can find more clients for your existing business

why blogging is important for students

A mere static website won’t attract promising clients for your business but a well-updated blog does. Your blog attracts potential customers from all over the world. When you publish a blog post containing in-depth knowledge which helps the clients solve their problems, they start building trust in you and your expertise in the field. This ultimately makes them hire your business.

4. You show improvements as a writer

why blogging is important for students

Obviously, when you write and write regularly, your writing skills get improved accordingly. There is nothing better away than blogging to become a good writer.

5. You can become a published author

why blogging is important for students

Publishers nowadays do not take a risk on a new author. They incline toward writers who as of now have an after of perusers. On the off chance that you need to distribute your composition, as a matter of first importance make a decent online presence through publishing content to a blog. This automatically attracts the publishers and in this way, you can become a published writer.

6. You get feedbacks immediately

why blogging is important for students

If you are the author of a book then you have to wait for a long time to get the reviews after completing the book. But if you write a blog then you get reviews immediately after hitting the publish button. This truly helps in knowing the regions of progress and your solid focuses which are useful in additional compositions.

7. You get to know more regarding a group of people

why blogging is important for students

Bloggers share their thoughts and ideas with their readers. But if you spend time, your readers will also share a lot with you. This encourages you to know them better and what are their musings and inclinations. Building up this centre gathering causes you a ton since you can evaluate your organization’s items on them and get their input..

8. You can gain influence

why blogging is important for students

Blogging is the best way to create your influence among people through your thoughts and ideas. You can become an activist, politician or volunteer. If you are a successful blogger then it shows that you have a good knowledge of your subject and you’re your thoughts and ideas are followed by a lot of people.

9. You can establish your expertise in your field

why blogging is important for students

You can begin composing a blog regarding any matter which is your top pick. You might get regard first and foremost however with when you share an ever increasing number of musings and thoughts of yours, kin begin remembering you as a specialist blogger. Your site doesn’t stay simply one more blog yet shows your huge information in your field. To be a specialist is something beneficial for your vocation also and you are probably going to get more freedoms, offers and grants.

10. You can build a network easily

why blogging is important for students

Building an organization is fundamental for your business or vocation. Nothing can be more compelling an approach to extend network than online journals. Interesting blog posts attract readers who comment on your post then connect to you personally through your contact page. Man of them asks for your help while others are there to help you.
In the event that you need to connect with a specific individual or any persuasive individual, at that point a blog is a decent stage for doing that.

11. A blog is a good way to learn a skill that is in demand

why blogging is important for students

Writing for blog sites, for example, WordPress.com are not difficult to utilize and an individual needn’t bother with any specialized abilities to begin or refresh his/her blog. Normally, individuals employ specialists to handle specialized issues however on the off chance that there is a minor issue, it tends to be fixed by the individual himself just with some information on CSS and HTML. Both HTML and CSS are popular abilities nowadays and it is advantageous to have familiarity with them.

Significantly other blog-related abilities are particularly sought after nowadays, for example, site improvement, visual communication, substance and online media showcasing and so on.

12. You can improve your Search Engine Optimisation

why blogging is important for students

Search engines give good rankings to those content that are helpful to the users. If your blog is rich in content and information then you are likely to be shown on the first page of Google.

13. Get Email IDs

why blogging is important for students

Although social media has emerged to be the most talked-about source of communication in today’s world emails still remain the most reliable source of communication online. Individuals get their significant updates and interchanges through messages as they were.

Writing for a blog causes you to get essential email IDs of individuals which in any case isn’t excessively simple. Once you get them, it gets easier to communicate with them on a personal basis. You can refresh them about anything in regards to your blog or other data which you think about signing for them.

14. Stay up to date in your field


A definite shot method of staying proficient in your number one field is to keep a blog. When you will have to update your blog weekly you would search for the latest information regarding the subject to share with your readers.

15. You can sell your product

why blogging is important for students

A blog isn’t just a pool of data yet additionally can be a decent virtual store. There are numerous models where individuals have sold their items effectively through their web journals..

16. Blogging helps you talk to your idols

why blogging is important for students

An online presence helps you to make yourself credible enough to talk to influential people personally as you want. In case you have to interview them for your blog than being a good blogger makes you credible enough for the person to spare time for you.

13. A great way to express yourself

why blogging is important for students

A blog is a medium of expression containing words, sounds and images. Whether your blog represents your business or personal, it will remain best medium of self-expression.

18. Great way to help others

why blogging is important for students

Indeed, you can help your perusers through your web journals. You can give individuals free data regarding any matter, for example, bringing in cash on the web, shed pounds, bring up children or how to adapt up to destructive illnesses. Not just this, you can fund-raise for respectable aims.

We have already discussed above how a blog can motivate and inspire people. You can help others taking the advantage of blogging.

19. Gain trust online

why blogging is important for students

Trust cannot be bought in the market, you have to earn it by maintaining your commitment to your readers and audience from time to time always help your audience so they respect your blog. It isn’t excessively troublesome however, you simply must be straightforward and honest while sharing your thoughts and contemplations. This will assist with building trust among you and your perusers. The more number of individuals have confided in you, the more probable you are to accomplish your objectives on the web.

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20. Build your correct online identity

why blogging is important for students

At the point when individuals look for you in a web index, they are probably going to get a great deal of changed data. They might possibly get a total and precise image of what your identity is. Starting a blog that gives correct information about your identity and business helps make the top information on Google the most accurate one and which creates the correct first impression.

21. Become a champion in researching

why blogging is important for students

At the point when you continue chasing for assets and data about your blog, you presumably will track down the most ideal approaches to acquire them. You start identifying global bloggers and experts who provide insights that add more value to your blog and your readers are more satisfied.

22. Improve your memory

why blogging is important for students

Just like your body, your brain also needs exercise to stay fit and keep on functioning properly. For a healthy mind, there has to be constant activity and stimulation. Writing and learning provide good exercise for brain neurons and helps to improve your memory. Many contributing to blog exercises lead to mental aerobatic and you will discover how incredibly gainful it is to partake in them. You can likewise look clever and learned at gatherings and gain appreciation!

23. You can become more creative

why blogging is important for students

For imagination, you need to think out about the container. If your hobby becomes your passion and you are too focussed on it, it definitely makes you a free thinker.

24. Blogging synthesizes and synergizes your focus

why blogging is important for students

When you write and express yourself online, you get external as well as internal feedback that helps sharpen your intuition and makes you yum or focussed. At the point when you are communicating with individuals socially on the web and sharing your musings, their criticisms consequently intensify and hone your energy and reason.


Although there are so many reasons why blogging is important for students as we have discussed above, there can be a lot more. By maintaining a blog, you are not just showing an online presence but it can be a source of advancing your business, your ideas, thoughts, opinions and in another way, your life. Starting a blog can help you go forward in the direction or field of your choice. At the end of the day, it can add joy and fulfilment to your life and can be a decent source for your sentiments and feelings.

There may also be other benefits missed out here but going through this article will make people understand the importance of blogs especially those who think of blogs as just a meaningless public diary.

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