1# YouTube Affiliate Marketing : Secret Powerful Technique Even Without Making Videos.

1# YouTube Affiliate Marketing : Secret Powerful Technique Even Without Making Videos.

You are looking for earnings from a new method, I discovered recently. I am going to share with you in the next 4 steps I did, to do YouTube affiliate marketing with YouTube without making videos. I will also share 2 Bonus tips to maximize your affiliate earnings. So if you are also want to learn how to start affiliate marketing. Then don’t skip any steps, do these exact steps I have explained in this blog, so you can also start earning money with YouTube affiliate marketing

I will first show the manual way and then go to the automated way so you can scale this method and make more money with affiliate marketing. 

Find an Affiliate Product to Promote.

The first step is to find an affiliate product to promote and get the link. You can use any website like ClickBank, JvZoo or Digistore24 to find affiliate products. I have created videos about these sites previously, so won’t repeat it here. 

In this blog, I will just go to the ClickBank and select spirituality, new age category. Let’s see. This blockbuster personal development looks like a good product. So let’s go with this. Here it shows the initial sale amount. 

Which means when someone buys this product through my affiliate link I will get 43 dollars and 85 cents dollars. If I can get 100 targeted people to this sales page every day and out of that 3 people went out to buy this product then I will get 131 dollars. 

So how do you get people to this page for free? Keep reading, that will be step 2, 3 and 4. 

Find a Good Video Related to the Affiliate Product.

Next step is to find a good video related to the affiliate product. Go to YouTube and type a keyword related to your affiliate product. 

For this example, I will search for “how to manifest”. 

youtube affiliate marketing
Youtube Affiliate Marketing

Now here is the first bonus tip to increase your affiliate earnings. 

  • You need to find a recent video with high views. The way you find that is by using this filter option on YouTube. 

For example, you filter results based on videos created this year and if you want also sort based on the view count.

  • Click on the video that you think viewers will want to watch. 
  • Right-click on the video and copy the video URL. Keep reading, I will tell in a minute what you need to do with that video link. 

Next step is about how to share your affiliate link. 

Most sites don’t allow you to directly link to your affiliate. So you are not going to link directly to your affiliate link. Instead, This is what you need to do. 

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Secret Technique To Promote Your Products 

You need to create a snip. There is a website called snip.ly. Create a free account and then click on the visit dashboard. 

youtube affiliate marketing
Youtube Affiliate Marketing
  • Next click on create snip.
  • Upload an image related to your affiliate product and then give a meaningful name. I am promoting a spirituality product, I will upload a related image and add a related name. This will show up as your brand. 

Once you are done it will show up here. 

  • Then select the button as the type it will show you a page like this where you need to enter details. This is very important to make this work. 

So pay close attention. 

  • Where it says to enter a URL, paste the YouTube video link you copied in step 2. 
  • Next, there is a place to set a message and button text. 

Now here is the next bonus tip

  • Your goal is to get the user to click this and go to your affiliate offer. You need to use a strong call to action. 
  • Basically, it’s a phrase that’s used to tell the user exactly what action to take and how to take it. 

For example, here I am going to write Ready to Transform Your Life? Click Here 

  • For the button URL, paste your affiliate link which you got from step 1. 

When you are done, the page will look something like this. 

youtube affiliate marketing
Youtube Affiliate Marketing

You see the YouTube video on top, and the snip you just created is showing in the lower side. 

The idea here is that someone that watches this video will click on this button here, which will take them to the sales page with your affiliate link. 

That’s why it’s very important that you have a good video that people watch through. Which takes us to step 4

How to Get Targeted Traffic?

Getting targeted traffic to the page you just created. If you promote this page to random people, you will not make any money. 

youtube affiliate marketing
Youtube Affiliate Marketing

Targeted traffic means people that are already interested in this subject and the product you have to offer. 

How do you find those people for free?

There are many free methods, I will show you the exact method that will work. That is Facebook groups. I will first explain the manual method and then a way to automate the method to get more targeted traffic which makes more money. 

Starting with the manual method, 

  • Go to the Facebook account.
  • Go to the search bar and type a keyword related to your affiliate product.

In this case, I will type the law of attraction.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing
Youtube Affiliate Marketing
  • You need to join a couple of groups. Then add some text which forces people to visit your page and then add the link copied in step 3. 
  • Don’t post directly linking to any affiliate offer, so you won’t get banned from the group. But make sure not to spam the group. 

You see the post here. Now just one post like this will not generate that much of traffic which also means the money you will make will below. 

Tool You Need To Automate your Work.

You need to post on multiple groups and that’s time-consuming. By using a tool PilotPoster, you can just select the groups that you want to publish your message and send it out. 

Tool Link:- Get The Tool

Take a look on their official site, you see it allows you to post to multiple Facebook groups at once. If you want you can have multiple Facebook accounts as well. 

To avoid the ban they have features like unique id, unique links and so on. 

You can also repeat the same post after some time. The pricing low compared to other products out there. You can cover this amount based on the affiliate commissions you earn. 

For example, You just need to sell that one product to cover the cost of this basic plan. To me, the investment is worthwhile versus the time I have to spend If I go promote these manually on Facebook. 


So the decision is up to you. There are other free ways to make money with YouTube affiliate marketing on YouTube without creating videos.

Grab Tool Now:- Get The Tool


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